Many kratom vendors sell their products both online and in physical stores. Among these vendors is Canopy Botanicals. However, there are many untrusted kratom vendors out there, and finding a legit seller may not be an easy process. Most kratom users are usually lured by low prices only to realize later that the deal was not as good as they expected it to be.

Kratom tea is among the top priorities for people who need an alternative healthy drink. After all, tea is known to have some medicinal properties. Others enjoy taking tea due to its pleasant taste, while for others, drinking tea is only meant to elevate their mood during the day.

These are just a few of the reasons why kratom tea is becoming more and more popular every day. Over the years, the number of kratom vendors has also increased. Among the most reputable kratom vendors is Canopy Kratom Botanicals. It is also easy to drink kratom tea; you only need to add kratom powder in hot or warm water and enjoy the drink. Kratom leaves can also be brewed. Before you purchase any of the kratom products from Canopy Botanicals, you may want to know; doesn’t the vendor offer high-quality products? What unique qualities do they have to make them stand out from other kratom vendors? This article is a review of Canopy Botanicals to give users an idea of what to expect when purchasing kratom products from this vendor.

Canopy Botanicals review

Canopy Botanicals is an online kratom vendor based in Texas. The company sells different strains of kratom. It is sporadic to find another online vendor selling such a wide variety of kratom as Canopy Botanicals. Another quality that makes Canopy Botanicals stand out is the affordability of their products. They also have special discounts and free delivery for their products within the United States. The company has a simple and user-friendly website, making it easier for users to navigate and find the products they need quickly.

Product quality

Kratom products offered by Canopy Botanicals are known to have consistent quality. This is also backed up by the positive reviews posted by hundreds of clients who rely on their products. Besides selling kratom products, the company also offers spices, herbal teas, and soaps to their customers.

Products offered by Canopy Botanicals

As stated, Canopy Botanicals provide different lines of products. They include;

Tea products

  • The company sells a wide range of tea products, which include peach passion tea, tea ball infuser, sencha green tea, oolong tea, spearmint leaf, yerba mate, among others.

Handmade soaps

  • Another type of product offered by Canopy Botanicals is handmade soap. The soaps are made using natural ingredients, making them safe and effective. These soaps also have a soothing aroma and provide a gentle clean feeling. They are among the best natural products that you can use for your body.

Spices and seasoning

  • Everyone loves to eat tasty food, and natural spices are precisely what you need to eat tasty and delicious meals. Canopy Botanicals offers a wide range of spices, which include peppercorn blends, applewood sea salt, and cayenne powder.

Canopy Botanicals ProductsSea salts

  • Sea salt is known to have large amounts of nutrients. Sea salt is not processed, which means that no nutrients are removed.


  • The apparels offered by Canopy Botanicals include pom knit beanie and snapback hats. They are also provided at available prices. They are also of high quality and can last for a long time.

Kratom types

The different types of kratom products sold by Canopy Botanicals include;

Green Maeng Da

  • Green Maeng Da is a popular strain among kratom users. It offers stimulating and mild analgesic effects. Green Maeng Da also has other benefits, which include increased energy, relaxation, clarity of mind, and mild pain relief. It works without producing any side effects. This kratom strain also works well when mixed with coffee.

Red Maeng Da

  • Red Maeng Da produces strong effects. It is also one of the most common types of kratom strains. It acts as an anti-depressant, energizer, stimulator, and painkiller. It also boosts motivation. The results usually vary depending on the quality of kratom used. Since it is a highly effective dose, you don’t have to take high quantities of the product to feel the effects.

Gold Maeng Da

  • The company also offers Gold Maeng Da, though in limited amounts. This is a rare strain of kratom that has analgesic properties. Gold Maeng Da can be a good option for people who experience joint and muscle pains. Canopy Botanicals is known to offer some of the best Gold Maeng Da kratoms. This kratom strain is unique, probably due to its long and complicated drying process.

Canopy Botanicals also sells ginger chews that are important in relieving nausea that is mostly associated with taking kratom in large amounts.


Canopy Botanicals coupon

If you want to purchase Canopy Botanicals products at the lowest prices, the Canopy Botanicals coupon can come in handy. You can buy the products at hugely discounted prices. If you love their spices, handmade botanicals, tea products, or seasoning, you can make use of this coupon. You can also use the coupon code to purchase different types of kratom from their vendors.

Ordering products online

All products offered by Canopy Botanicals can be purchased from their website. This means that you have to visit the company’s website to buy any of their products. First-time visitors have to register with the site first. It is easy to order from their website, thanks to its smooth and straightforward to navigate structure.

Product pricing

All products offered by the company are available at very affordable prices. But at times, products sold at low prices are rarely attractive. This is because most people tend to question the quality of such products. High-quality kratom is mostly sold at high prices.

  • At Canopy Botanicals, kratom powered goes for as little as $3.50 for every 250 grams. The company also sells other kratom blends at prices less than $10.

Some users claim that kratom offered by Canopy Botanicals is less potent. Others also praised the company for its high-quality products. Well, the effects may vary from one person to another, and whether they are offering the real deal or not entirely depends on the person who uses their products.

Canopy Botanicals Review

However, most of the people who order from their website leave positive reviews behind, which is a clear indication that the company offers some of the best kratom products that we have in the market today.

Canopy Botanicals customer service

Canopy Botanicals also has a customer service team that you can rely on. You can contact their customer service team through an email address or phone call. Generally, emails are replied instantly, and the calls are also picked on time. You can call them due to several reasons, which may include refunds for damaged products, money-back guarantees, among others. Users can contact the customer service team 24/7. You can also send a detect message on their website. It is always essential to contact the company if you are not sure about the type of products they offer, or you want to get more information concerning a specific type of product.


Once you purchase your preferred products from Canopy Botanicals, it takes between 1 to 2 days for the products to be delivered. This is because there are some natural products, like spices, for instance, which can go wrong within a short time. They, therefore, ensure that the products are delivered while still fresh by making shipment immediate you make an order. The time is taken for the products to be performed at your location. The cost of shipping also varies depending on your location and the type of products purchased.

Return policy

Canopy Botanicals accepts returns under certain conditions. Some products can be accepted back, while others won’t. For instance, you can return the product if it was delivered while damaged or you received the wrong product. If you want to return a product due to the mentioned reasons or any other relevant reason that you may have, ensure that you contact the company as soon as possible. It is also advised that you go through the returns policy when purchasing the company’s products, mainly to avoid any misunderstandings that may arise.


The company ensures that its products are delivered in quality packaging. They aim to ensure that customers receive products without any damages. If the packaging is damaged, the customer gets all their cashback. They use quality materials for packaging to ensure that they do not tear during shipping. Besides being well designed, their packaging is also attractive.


The company currently accepts two payment methods; cryptocurrency and e-check. You can order your products and pay through any of the two options. They, however, promise to add other payment methods in the future.


Canopy Botanicals has made a great impression as they have been able to satisfy a large number of customers. When consumers order products from their website, they also sure of two things; quality and affordability. They also have confidence in the products they purchase. Some of the things that make the company stands out are their level of professionalism and the large variety of strains they offer. Their products are also available at competitive prices, making them one of the best options for kratom vendors.

Customer reviews

Canopy Botanicals turmeric

Most customers give credit to the company for the types of products they offer. A lot of past clients praise the vendor for maintaining the quality of their products. A good number of users also had a good experience with the company’s customer care. With all the positive reviews left behind by past clients, you can confidently purchase the company’s products knowing that you are guaranteed quality and consistency. Canopy Botanicals also offers a wide range of products compared to many other kratom vendors in the market.

The best about Canopy Botanicals products


  • Besides providing high-quality kratom strains, Canopy Botanicals also offer other types of products like handmade soaps, spices, and others. These products are available in different quality and quantity. If you prefer, you can even order the products in bulk. Due to their quality services, Canopy Botanicals have gained a good reputation from kratom users in different parts of the world.

Over the years, the company has been able to produce different types of kratom strains and other plant products. All of these products are way ahead of the rest in terms of quality and pricing. Not only are the products offered by the company of high quality, but the vendor also guarantees consistency in their products. They also have a reliable and dedicated staff who pay attention to customers and answer their questions accordingly.
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When it comes to purchasing high-quality kratom, finding the best vendor may not be an easy task. Most vendors in the market today are only there to make money, and only a handful of them can deliver what customers need.

Canopy Botanicals has, for a long time, been in the list of the best kratom vendors. If you are just a beginner, these are the best guys to work with. This is because the company offers high-quality products at very reasonable prices. If you are an experienced user with certain expectations, the company also has the best products for you. A large number of positive customer reviews will also give you a picture of what exactly the company can offer. Since most customers are satisfied with their products, it doesn’t hurt to try some of the products they have to offer. The company also provides excellent customer service, and if you have any issues regarding their product, it is very easy to talk to one of their representatives. All said, Canopy Botanicals is the best vendor to work with if you are looking for a reputable and reliable kratom vendor.