Kratom has become extremely popular over the last years, and as 2015 is slowly coming to an end, and we reach 2016 it is becoming even more popular than ever before. It is amazing how a plant which was only used locally has now acquired worldwide fame. As for today, almost everybody knows what Kratom is, how is it uses, what effects can it offer to the user and many other things about it; the real question is where to buy it.

One would think that as it has become so popular, it must be available in every store and every country, but this is not completely true. Unfortunately, not every country reacted positively to that “discovery.” Which means that in some countries Kratom is illegal, in some controlled and the countries it is neither controlled, nor legal it’s often uncontrolled, or legal. Today we will discuss where you can buy Kratom, depending on its legal status.

Where to get kratom near me?

First, we must point out that you can buy Kratom mainly from 2 major sources:

Internet vendors
⦁ Local Headshops or herb shops.

The easiest way to buy, of course, will be through a wide variety of internet shops, which can sell as many species as you can imagine. Nevertheless, you must know that not every store has similar Kratom; depending on the seller, the plants can have different concentrations of active chemical substances, which will depend on where did the seller got the plant, what methods did he use to turn it into a ready for use substance, what region did he get the plant from etc., which plays an essential role on the strength of the effect you acquire using kratom.

Local purchase can be a difficult thing, as mentioned earlier; due to the fact it’s illegal or controlled in some countries it can be difficult to find, black markets or Head shops can be raided by local authorities, which will make it very rare and expensive and you will be afraid that any moment you can get caught and incarcerated. So if you are asking yourself the question where to buy Kratom and what is the best way to do this, we have some answers prepared below.

Online vendors sell everything!

The best and easiest way to buy Kratom is from an online vendor. There are hundreds of online shops which can offer you a wide variety of products such as Red Bali, White Borneo, Premium Indo and a lot more which will be fairly cheap (from 15$ up to 80$ depending on the blend). As we discussed above, the only flaw of this is the fact that due to the lack of standardization the alkaloid concentration of, let’s say, Red Bali can be different depending on the vendor that offers it to you.

What if Kratom is illegal or controlled at your place?

⦁ If it is illegal, it will be difficult to acquire it; there is a big percent (almost 100%) that either it will not pass the border, or the seller will not ship it to you at all, if he knows about the legal status of Kratom in your country, so to avoid problems with the authorities.
⦁ If it is controlled in your country, it again depends on whether the buyer will want to ship it to you if it can cross your borders without problems and in what quantities you can buy it.

Online vendors, you can trust!

If your country does not control it and approves it as legal, some good sources to buy it will be:

⦁ Bikhuk Trading Company
⦁ Mmm, Speciosa!
⦁ The Kratom King
⦁ Botanical Wellness
⦁ Coastal Kratom

Kratom Near Me

Just Google them and visit their websites; it’s easy. These folks offer great customer service and good prices. Your own experience with individual vendors may vary, but the vendors below consistently impress me with their quality and service. You can also visit, which is a great guide for those who want to know more about Kratom.

It depends on you. Just Google where to buy Kratom and you will find a lot of available vendors and make your choice.

Local Kratom Purchase. To buy or not to buy?

As mentioned above, local purchase of Kratom may be a tricky task for you. The only thing that can be said as for purchasing kratom locally is that you can purchase it either from your local head shop, or your local herb shop if it is available there. Of course, it is also possible to buy it from black markets or individual vendors, if it is barely legal in your country, which we would not recommend, as you can have legal problems. Add to that it can be costly in head shops, as your local vendor is monitored by local authorities and can have his shop raided at any time having problems with possession and distribution of this plant. Now, as we mentioned where you could locally purchase kratom, it would be wise to discuss where it is illegal after all.

To live and buy in the USA.FDA against Kratom?

If you are a resident of the USA, be noted that FDA sees this plant as a potentially harmful for your health threat and due to this it has applied strict regulations on it; it event came to confiscating large quantities of imported kratom before it had even reached the store. But don’t be disappointed, as the only states where law marked it as illegal are: Arizona, Vermont, Hawaii, Louisiana, the rest is still legal, which means if you look good, your local herb or head shop might have it.
Kratom tour worldwide. Is it welcome everywhere?

If you are a resident of E.U or outside of it, note that it is illegal in:

⦁ Australia
⦁ Burma
⦁ Malaysia
⦁ Thailand

Your chances to locally buy kratom there are very few. So the only way to buy it is illegal from the black market, where you put your freedom at risk for a long time. If you are from:

⦁ Denmark
⦁ Germany
⦁ Finland
⦁ Romania
⦁ New Zealand then:

It will be difficult, but really to buy kratom, as it is under strict control and it depends on how much you buy mostly.


2)South Korea,

3)the United Kingdom

buy kratom online

Currently, have an unclear position on kratom use so that you can buy it there easily, but be careful and informed all the time, as the law can change and it can become illegal. If you are a resident of countries not named above, then you must know that you can buy kratom with no worries, as it should be available at your local herb shop.

Of course, you can always travel to Bali and try it there.