Hello reader! Welcome to this complete and unbiased BLUEKEM review, which tells readers all they need to know about this website that supposedly sells a certain drug called Etizolam. Over the past few weeks and months, a lot of negative stuff has been said about this vendor, who has bounced back with a new e-commerce site after going off the radar for a couple of months. Initially, he ran a website called bluekem.com before pulling it down and launching a new site called bluekemresearch.com. He is now back to business with a bang!

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Bluekem.com had received lots of negative feedback from buyers and many people shied away from it. This independent BLUEKEM review now puts everything into perspective and sets the record straight. It looks at the good, the bad and the ugly about this company. Without further ado, here is a brief about it:

According to bluekemresearch.com/faq/, BLUEKEM is the United States-based distributor of certain drugs and supplements. The fact that they ship their products to clients’ destination using the USPS mail service suggests it. Apparently, the company distributes a wide range of drugs and health supplements including:

  •  Etizolam
  •  Cardarine
  •  Ostarine
  •  Clonazolam
  •  Diclazepam
  •  Flubromazolam
  •  Tamoxifen

These drugs treat a wide range of conditions from anxiety and insomnia to muscle problems and weight issues. Nevertheless, the drugs are available in two different forms i.e tablet and powder.


The prices of these drugs range from $50 to $12500, which can be a lot of money to part with depending on what one buys. Apparently, buyers can get great retail and wholesale deals here, especially if they order bulk qualities.

1. The Good about Bluekemresearch.com

The “good” about the company is the fact that it distributes an endless variety of drugs and health supplements that can be used in the treatment and prevention of a wide range of conditions. For instance, some of the conditions these products can cure include:

  •  Anxiety
  • Weight gain
  •  Seizures
  •  Agitation
  •  Muscle
  •  Spasms

The best part is that they offer both retail and discount deals as well as coupons to enable buyers to not part with too much. Also, when a viewer takes a look at the prices of the drugs listed on the site, they get an impression that the company distributes quality products.

After all, a drug without value or better quality normally would not cost as much as $12500. At least that is the general assumption for many.

Another great aspect about this company right now is customer service. It is easy to reach out to a representative and get help with your issue. All you have to do is to click on the button that says “contact us” and enter your name, email address and message before hitting the “submit” button.

This company has been praised for better customer service in many other BLUEKEM reviews that were written after the company had rebranded.

Last but not least is user experience. It is now easier to place an order for a drug at bluekemresearch.com than before. All one has to do is to go the website, click on the products button and choose between the tablet and the bulk powder categories.

Under the “tablets” category, there are more than a hundred products to choose from. The bulk powder category, on the other hand, consists of more than forty drugs from which to select.

Once you find your drug from one of these categories, you can click to view further information about it before checking out. Once you do that, fill out the form below with your name, email address, physical address, contacts card number before hitting the “submit” button.

As soon as the checkout process is complete, you will receive an inbox, telling you that your payment has been received and the order is being processed.

Previously, you had to navigate through many pages before you could find the drug you are looking for. The checkout process also took longer to complete, with buyers having to wait for up to 48 hours before their payments are verified and the next step is initiated. The improved user experience has been praised by many Bluekem reviews that are honest and not biased.

2. The Bad about Bluekemresearch.com


What still discourages many buyers from buying Bluekem products are the price tags. Honestly speaking, they are quite costly, with products that go for as much as $12500. But then again, quality stuff tend to sell for more and the company’s prices can be justified a little bit.

3. The Ugly about Bluekemresearch.com

Even despite the fact that BlueKem is trying to redeem itself from the negative publicity it has received over time, it still engages in some suspicious practices. For example, nobody knows the real identity of the people who run it or where the company is precisely located.

Based on the information provided by scamadvisor.com, this company appears to be using a service to conceal its identity. This can be considered a red flag. But then again, some legitimate companies do this to prevent scammers.

Then there is the issue of its dealings with some clients in the past. Many buyers lamented about having been scammed by the company before it did rebrand. They pointed out in their Bluekem reviews that the company took their money but never shipped anything. Maybe by now, a good number of them have received their orders or at least contacted by the company.

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Final Thoughts

After all the bad things that have been said about BLUEKEM, the company is slowly starting to gain reputation and make amends with former disgruntled clients. It is said that those who ordered drugs but never received anything before the initial website disappeared are receiving their orders currently. It is only a short while before readers start seeing positive BLUEKEM reviews online. This independent, honest and unbiased Bluekem review sets the record straight about this company that distributes Etizolam, Cardarine and Ostarine among other drugs.