The primary use of peptides is to speed up the recovery of ligaments and tendons. This is the reason why you should ensure that every product you purchase is, among other qualities, original and high quality. The best product guarantees you maximum results, but if the product is underdosed, there will be very minimal or no effects at all. There are quite many peptide vendors online, but very few of them offer quality products. Among the companies that are known to provide the purest peptides is Blue Sky Peptides. In this review, we discuss the quality of products sold by the company, as well as the customer reviews, among others to help you make an informed decision when purchasing Blue Sky Peptide products.


  • Blue Sky Peptides is a company that (as the claim), offers the best research peptides in the United States. Many peptide vendors also claim to provide high-quality products, but this may not always be the case. This makes Blue Sky Peptides a perfect choice for buying high-grade research peptides. The main aim of the company is to put their customer needs first, so be assured that they will always be there for you when you need their products.
  • Besides offering high-quality products, the company also has excellent customer service (this claim will be confirmed later in the customer review section.). Blue Sky Peptides is one of the very few companies that are dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. They are not only professional in their dealings, but they also experienced and passionate about what they do.

An overview of Blue Sky Peptides

With many years of experience, the company aims to achieve two important things; offer high-quality products and a reliable customer service team. The company has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. Blue Sky Peptides provide products to the research industry only. According to the information available on their website, the products are not recommended for individual use. The company supplies to several research facilities and laboratories throughout the country. They pay close attention to the quality of the peptides they offer. To avoid breakage during shipping, the company also ensures that its products are carefully packaged.

  • Blue Sky Peptides offers more than 17 selections of research liquids and more than 26 selections of research peptides. All these products are available and can be purchased on their website. Customers can easily navigate the site to find the exact type of products they need. To directly order form their website, there are also specific terms and conditions that you have to agree with.

Research liquids

  • This is to ensure that all the products purchased are used explicitly for laboratory research purposes. They enjoy a large number of referrals and repeat, which has also contributed to their exceptional growth. According to the company, they have even exceeded their sales target, thanks to their promotional offers, rewards system, and competitive pricing.
  • Another essential aspect to note about the company is that they comprise of professionals who are experienced and dedicated. The team focuses on ensuring that all its customers get quality products and excellent support. They pay close attention to details and work to high-quality control standards to ensure that customers research needs are met, not only today but also in the future.
  • With their experience, they are dedicated to offering outstanding products and provide assistance and advice to clients who need them. According to their spokesman, Blue Sky Peptide remains to be a leading choice for quality. They only high-quality stock peptides, all of which are manufactured in the United States using high-quality ingredients. Their peptides are also hand-selected to ensure that clients’ expectations are met.

Why choose Blue Sky Peptides?

  • World-class customer service
  • Quality and precise research
  • Rewards programs for additional savings
  • No hidden handling fees
  • Easy to navigate mobile and desktop site
  • Know precisely what you are paying for before check out
  • Free domestic shipping and handling for orders over 99
  • BOGO specials
  • Weekly sales and promotions
  • Bulk peptides discounted up to 78%

Product quality

  • If you want a product that can help you through the recovery process after an injury, you obviously will require high-quality stuff. Blue Sky Peptide claim to offer the highest quality products that you can find in the market today. Another benefit of the company is that their peptides are also available at very affordable prices. But the fact that their products are cheap could also raise suspicion.
  • In most of the peptides they sell, the company claims that you only need to purchase one the product and get n extra one for free. For instance, a product like GHRP-2 5mg will only require you to pay $15 per bottle. If you compare your options, you may realize that these prices are the lowest you can find. Regardless of these affordable prices, how can you be sure that the products are quality enough?

On each page, you will realize that the product specifications also include quality. To be on the safe side, ensure that the product quality is at least 98%.

  • Take BPC-157, for instance, being one of the most popular peptides available. The company claims that the product is at least 98.99% purity on its product page. HPLC documents are also attached to each of their products. If you check out the report for BPC-157, you will also note that there is no company mentioned on the report.
  • This may seem to be very strange, and they should at least ensure that their customers view the certificate of analysis. This will give clients peace of mind, being very sure that they are purchasing high-quality products. The fact that they have a third-party report with no single company information seems to be very unprofessional, and some can even doubt the reputation of the company. We will, however, find out what other users are saying about the quality of other services offered by the company.

Ordering process

  • Ordering a product at Blue Sky Peptide is fast, convenient, and also affordable. For every dollar spent on their products, the company offers 5% back. Customers also get rewards by sharing their products. For Blue Sky Peptide, taking time to build long-lasting relations by selling quality and products is their number one propriety.

Blue Sky Peptides SarmsBlue Sky Peptides user reviews

  • To ensure that the company you are dealing with is legit, it is always essential to go through the user reviews, both on their website and in other online platforms. Through user reviews, you can always tell the quality of the products, and especially when it comes to the SARMs and peptides industry. In Blue Sky Peptides user reviews, some clients are satisfied with what they received, but there is also a good number of customers who have doubts about the quality of the products.
  • Well, if they offer legit products, they should at least provide evidence of independent testing. There is one user who claims that he asks them about the certificate of testing but never got a reply, and this gives people the reason to believe that their products are never tested before reselling.


Another issue that you will find in most of their reviews is that the products are heavily underdosed. Well, these are just online reviews, and you can only be sure if you test the products on your own. But with too many negative reviews about the company, you may not be wrong to say that there are issues about the company that needs to be looked at as soon as possible.

Website usability

When it comes to web usability, more than 69% of the customers were satisfied. This may be due to the following reasons

  • The website is secure
  • Customers can buy products at any time online
  • Reviews are automatically refreshed every day
  • Customers receive weekly email updates

customer support

  • the Blue Sky Peptide customer support team is also elementary to work with. Once you send them an email, you can receive a response within 24 hours with your issue solved. Their customer support is also available 27/7, which means that it is possible to purchase products from them at any time of the day.

Blue Sky Peptides rewards program

  • Even with all the negative reviews concerning the company, they also have several areas where you will give them a thumbs up. One good reason why you should consider working with the company is that they have a rewards program.
  • The main benefit of being their member is that you will be able to earn points for every purchase you make. These points can be redeemed for a specific amount of cash to be used for purchases on their website.

How points are earned

There are several ways that you can earn BSP reward points. For every dollar spent on their products, you will be able to earn 1 point. The more points you have, the more discounts you will get for future orders. You can either use the points on your next purchase or save them for a more significant discount. Other ways in which you can earn BSP points are;

  • 100 bonus points for creating a new account
  • 25 bonus points for signing up for their newsletter

Here is how the point work;

  • $25 off your order for 500 points
  • $50 off your order for 1000 points
  • $75 of your order for 1500 points
  • $100 off your order for 2000 points

You can only redeem a maximum of 2000 points per order. The rewards, however, are not discounted for bulk products. Once earned, it takes a year for the points to expire.

Shipping and return policy

All orders placed at Blue Sky Peptide are shipped via USPS with delivery confirmed. Once you place an order, it will be shipped the same day, depending on the time when the order was placed. If for instance, you place your order after 12 pm EST, it will be shipped the following day. You will be notified when the products are out of stock and delivery delayed as a result.

Domestic shipping

  • Orders within the USA costs $4.99 for USPS first class. The products are delivered from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. $9.99 is charged for USPS priority and $24.99 for USPS express.

International shipping is also offered to Canada and other countries.

Return and refund policy

  • Blue Sky Peptide does not guarantee the outcome of your research project. If the items are mishandled, there might be potential for degradation. This means that they do not handle products that are already used by the purchaser. However, if you have any issues with the type of product you purchased, it is possible to return it within 30 days after making the purchase.
  • This includes receiving the wrong product or getting a shipment that is missing an item. For more information concerning returns and refunds, you can contact them through their email.


When it comes to buying peptides, the essential thing that you have to look out for is product quality. Blue Sky Peptide has proved to be an honest company, and they also have a wide range of peptides available. The only problem is that the company does not publish lab results to give customers an idea of how quality the products are. But since no user is yet to complain of any side effects after using any of their products, it is still safe to say that the company offers quality products. It is also easy to contact customer support, which is equally essential when purchasing peptides. The company also has an easy-to-use website, making it possible for customers to order online at any time of the day. After reading this review, you will realize that the benefits of working with Blue Sky Peptide far outweigh the challenges. The company has also proven to be honest in their dealings, which is also a good reason why you should purchase peptides from them.