What are SARMs?

Selective androgen receptor modulators or the SARMs refer to synthetic performance enhancing supplements. These drugs work similarly as the anabolic steroids. The compounds will mimic various effects that result as a result of testosterone within the muscles as well as the bones. That is possible as the SARMs abide with the androgen receptors. However, the supplements have minimal effects on other organs of the user’s body.

The fact that they only bide with androgen means that they counter the side effects that reflects in use of steroids. In this article is a representation of the best SARMs for cutting body fats. Consider checking through the whole text for a chance to see the recommended dose for each brand as well.

How were they created?

SARMs are development on testosterone aimed at helping the athletes, bodybuilder to add mass and muscles in their bodies. Also, the SARMs supplements get designed in a way to help individuals who wish to reduce their body fats. The early developments started back in 1940 with the steroidal SARMs.

  • The SARMs comes in such a way that they can only get consumed orally. They also aim only to stimulate androgen receptors. The design of the SARMs targets particular tissues so that they respond as they could to testosterone. Also, they result in no noticeable side effects.
  • Today, we have the development of the nonsteroidal SARMs, which are tissue specifics. They help quickly achieve the purpose of use. Also, they work even with more reduced chances of possible side effects in comparison to the steroidal SARMs. Examples include Cardarine, Ostarine, and Andarine.

Steroidal Vs. nonsteroidal SARMS

The main difference between the two is that the nonsteroidal SARMs might reflect a few of the adverse effects as in testosterone. Nonsteroidal SARMs are tissue selective in actions. That means, with a diversity of activities, they can serve particular therapeutic needs. It means that, when adequately taken by the user, there will be no side effects from the consumption.

  • The nonsteroidal SARMs are a mark at the start of pharmacological agents which are quite useful in addressing androgen therapy needs. The nonsteroidal supplements are an opportunity for medical specialists, athletes, and bodybuilder towards having a solution towards weight gain.

Steroidal SARMs has been in existence since 1940, while nonsteroidal SARMs are a recent development. The primary source of differences in the interactions they make with the AR. Steroidal SARMs comes along with several side effects such as increased risks of stroke and heart attack, mental problems, and infertility. These side effects are rare with non-steroidal SARMs. For these reasons, it’s recommendable that one considers using the nonsteroidal type of SARMs.

The main benefits of SARMs against testosterone

Testosterones are typically injectable and can also get used by skin formulation. The use of testosterone results in undesirable fluctuations in blood levels. The SARMs, however, will not lead to such problems. Their designs ensure that the target tissue receptors react similarly as in the case with testosterone with no signs of undesirable side effects.

  • When it comes to cutting fats, the SARMs are a great option in that; they facilitate to oxidation of fats towards the production of the energy required for normal body functioning. In this way, calories get burned in excess before they get converted into fats. The burning of the stored fats and calories in excess reduces the fat content within the body. The activity leads to reduced body weight.
  • The fact that the drugs get taken orally makes them safe as users will not experience the pain of using injections. They also carry in them the additional advantages of the anabolic steroids without costing the user’s body harmful side effects. Also, SARMs are not toxics and therefore will not cause the user any organ damages such as in the Liver.

Also, despite helping an individual cut on weight, the SARMs will help one maintain muscle mass. An added advantage is that it quickly leads to injury healing in comparison to when one doesn’t use the supplements.

What are the best SARMs for cutting?

How SARMs work for cutting fat

The SARMs will come in different brands while in the stores. Thus, this makes the selection of a perfect match difficult. But which are the best SARMs for cutting fat levels for user’s body? In this section will discuss a few of these drugs. We describe how they work as well as the recommended dosage for both ladies and men.

  1. Andarine (S-4, GTx-007)

The S-4 comes at the top of the list as the best cutting SARM one can take from the stores. It promotes significant levels of fat loss, and at the same time helping the user to maintain his precious muscles.

How it works

  • The compound will bind with androgen receptors within the bones and muscles. In this way, there is an experience of excellent efficiency that enhances vascularity and improves muscle hardness. Also, by bidding with the androgens, it triggers the oxidation of the fats along the adipose and fat tissues.
  • An added advantage is that it prevents the body against becoming catabolic, even when the user is on a reduced diet. The SARM works as an effective way for weight loss while maintaining bone and muscle growth.


  • For men, doctors recommend an intake of 50mg every day. The good thing is to consider taking the drugs alongside meals and in two splits of 25mg each and a cycle of up to 12 weeks.
  • That’s, the user should consider following an AM and PM schedule in taking the medication. For ladies, a dosage of 10-15mgs will work in a better way. For users who want to do stacking, they can either use Cardarine or Ostarine to make an entire stack.


Andarine will come with a significant side effect, which is temporary. That is, the user might experience some difficulties in adjusting from day vision to night vision. It brings a yellow tint which interferes with an individual’s view. However, after one stop the use, the side effect will stop, and he will not experience it anymore.

  1. Ostarine (MK-2866, GTx-024)

Ostarine does also come with a name Ostabolic and is another favorite fat cutting SARM. It helps to maintain a lean body mass. Initially, the SARMs got developed to solve the problem of muscle and bone wasting among athletes and bodybuilders.

How it works

  • The compound works in a bulking style in that; it upkeeps a bulk while burning more calories. In this way, the drug is incapacity to promote loss of fats while gaining muscles. Ostarine improves protein and nitrogen levels in specific tissues. The two are the primary body-building structures for musculature. It also helps in improving bone strength, collagen turnover, and tendon ability. It also helps to get one to achieve these goals without the retention of fluids.

For improved results, experts recommend that users should combine the drug with a protein concentrated meal. That will enhance metabolism and muscle protection. In this way, the user can lose his or her weight while gaining lean muscles. The main advantage of using Ostarine is the fact that it works without bringing the user any side effects.


  • For men, it’s recommendable to take no more than 25mg of the drug in a day. These should happen at least 30 minutes before the workouts. For women, they recommend 12.5mg in a day. The supplement should accompany meals and go for a cycle of at least six weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks.

Added note:

  • If the user wants to maximize the results, he or she should consider making a stack by combining Ostarine with Andarine. The two working together will help one cut on fats in a compelling style. Also, experts advise that one should carry on with a mini-PCT after the eight weeks. In doing this, it’ll be possible to do away with the mild suppression those results from the cycle.
  1. Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

On the third position is Ligandrol, which helps cut the excess fats in the user’s body. It’s a development of Ligand Pharmaceuticals. It aims at protecting the user from muscle atrophy a common problem with people at their old age.

How it works

  • The LGD-4033 will combine with androgen receptors to produce the effects that one desires. Also, various doses will get recommended for different purposes. For users willing to lose their body weight, the supplement helps in the burning of fats in excess during the workouts. In this style, it becomes easier for the user to lose weight.

The main advantage is that it doesn’t result in water retention, and also does result in bloating. It’s also good to note that, the drug has a 24-hour life span meaning that, one only need a single dose for a day. For maximum results, users can consider making a stack by maximizing it with Ostarine, Cardarine, and Andarine.


  • Doctors will recommend 3-5 grams each day and for eight weeks. One can also consider stacking the LGD-4033 with Andarine, Cardarine, or Ostarine. Combine the drug with the meals and take it at least 30 minutes before going out for workouts.


The use of this SARM can result in less severe testosterone suppression. For this reason, experts recommend that users should run a PCT in full after the eight weeks cycle.

  1. Cardarine (GW-50151)

Another powerful compound that one can find useful in cutting fats is the Cardarine supplement. It improves glucose uptake and facilitates ways by which fat can get reduced in the body

How it works

  • Cardarine doesn’t work by stimulating the androgen receptors. Instead, it interferes with Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors. Biding with these receptors stimulates a change of gene activities, thus causing a difference in the source of energy. It is a characteristic that increases a person’s endurance.
  • It increases fat metabolism and therefore helps to deal with the oxidation of fats to produce body energy. That results in a reduction in fat content within the body.


  • For men, a dose of 10-20mg will result in great results. For women, however, they need a treatment of 5-10mg in a day. The drugs should get taken with food and at least 30 minutes before workouts. Also, the cycle should continue for eight weeks and a minimum of 6 weeks.


It’s good noting that, there are no clinical tests that are available showing its effectiveness on humans. The research only includes analysis of animals only. Therefore, it’s advisable that users consider running a full PCT once the eight weeks period is over. That will help to solve any related side effects efficiently.

  1. Anabolic (SR-9009)

Last on the list is the SR-9009 a useful compound in cutting body fats, and at the same time improving on endurance.

How it works

  • The SARM combines with the androgen receptors to increase glucose metabolism. It also facilitates to increased metabolism of fats to increase body energy.
  • Uniquely, the compound helps to burn the excess calories before their conversion to become fats. The main reason for this is the way the compound alters metabolism rates within an individual’s body.

Sarms dosage Guide


  • The males are to take at most 30mg of the drug in a day with a meal. For females, 5-15mg will produce the effects expected. The pills should get consumed at least 30 minutes before the workouts and within a cycle of six to eight weeks.

Supplement For male, Female and Duration

Supplements dosage table


So which one is the best?

From the discussion, all of the discussing brands are excellent in cutting body fats. However, Andarine appears to be the best supplement that one can take from the store. But this doesn’t apply to all users, and therefore, it’s recommendable that users try out different brands to identify their perfect match. Users can decide to try a few of the above to see which of these SARMs produces the best results. These will include checking on the one that carries in its maximum benefits.