Ever heard of Sarms in your life? What do you think they are and how helpful are they on people? Well, it should not bother you too much. We are here to let you know what they are and which are the best Sarms you should go for any time in need.

What are SARMs stacks?

When one thinks of Sarms, the next thing that comes in mind is the word bulking. Sarms stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modular and is typically used as performance enhancing compounds. These compounds are similar to anabolic steroids though their side effect differs more significantly. Sarms help modulate androgen receptors that otherwise act on testosterone, making the body masculine.

Bulking is the act of getting as big and healthier as possible. Use of Sarms, therefore, is the best ideal way of building up the muscular body quickly and effectively. All said and done, which are the best Sarms for bulking nowadays? Keep patience; we will let you know in this article.

A question that has continued to both people who are on Sarms is what Sarms Stacks are and how are there used. Stacking Sarms generally means combining two or more Sarms during a single cycle. Therefore Sarms Stacks means Sarms that can be used together in a single dose.

Which SARMs Stacks should you consider using?

The most unfortunate thing in Sarms usage is that it’s unapproved by the FDA. However, this is not to mean that Sarms is unsafe for consumption. Pharmaceutical companies are yet to market Sarms since the FDA is yet to invest in research that documents their benefits. To understand the best Sarms stacks to use, you need first understand the body hormonal receptor.

Different hormonal receptors exist for various hormones, and it’s essential that these receptors are kept in track. Taking a combination of wrong Sarms stacks exposes one to chances of experiencing hormonal miscommunication.

A Sarms Stack you decide to settle for depends on the goals you intend to achieve at the very end. If you take up research on different Sarms Stacks over the internet, you will find different stacks. Typically the following are the Sarm stacks that are noted to be in existence.

  • Sarms Stacks for Bulking
  • Sarms Stack for Cutting
  • Sarms Triple Stacks

At this point, let us take a comprehensive examination of the best Sarms Stacks for bulking present in the market. Before you continue reading through, we would like to let you know that administering yourself in bulking phase is exposing yourself to chances of gaining body muscles and becoming healthier. This means you must have decided to do so since it’s for your benefit.

Best Sarms for bulking

Best Sarms for bulking

 Ostarine (MK-2866)

Ostarine, commonly referred to as Enobosarm is so far the most studied Sarms in scientific research. It’s free from the steroid and used to strengthen body muscles, tendons, and bone. Mk-2866 has no negative side effect that can be associated with testosterone such as raise in kidney, liver, and prostate enzymes.

ostarine effects

Ostarine is exceptionally anabolic; this means that this product is quite powerful to people who would want to achieve lean muscles in the shortest time possible. Ostarine raises estrogen level to a point higher than actual body level. Raise in estrogen level is, however, a positive remark as it creates a healthy response in ligaments, tendons, and bones. This forms the reason why doctors use Ostarine in patients who are suffering from muscle wasting symptoms and deterioration in density diseases like Osteoporosis.

Men and women who take Ostarine for a continuous period of 12 weeks develop 3 pounds of body muscle and lose pounds of fat even-throughout the change in diet. The recommended Ostarine dosages are 25mg to 30mg a day.

Ostarine cycle length

Ostarine has a half-life of 23.8 hours an ideal that makes it a one day supplement for optimum efficiency. To achieve the best out of Ostarine; it’s of the essence to take it daily in 25-30mg dosage range. Basing on the type of Ostarine product you select, it’s vital you take it with either Nolvadex, Tribestan or the Clomid in the last few weeks of dosage. A combination of these compounds ensures that muscle gain does not deteriorate once you complete the recommended 12 weeks.

Results after use

  • Muscle increase after 12 weeks of use
  • Helps in trimming body fats
  • Improves repair of bones and tendons with time
  • With time, it changes skeletal and bone anabolism and hence used in treating selective bones and joints after an injury.

Side effects of Ostarine

Ostarine has all the side effects profoundly found in steroids, although the results are more reduced. People who are on Ostarine dosages for bodybuilding mention that once they take this compound in high dosages, they experience blurred vision. This scenario has, however, not yet approved to be a side effect by medical experts.

Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

Ligandrol is the second leading Sarms in terms of power you can find in markets nowadays. Its initial development stage aimed at treatment of acute muscle atrophy and the osteoporosis cases. LGD-4033 contains the extreme anabolic effect on both bones and muscles tissues that do not damage the sebaceous gland, alter the hormonal balance, or affect the prostate gland.

Ligandrol is much stronger than Ostarine. When you take a contrast on the dose you need to take gain muscle and the rest of compounds; you realize this compound is required in a relatively small amount.

Ligandrol cycle length

Usually, for Ligandrol to take effect and aid in muscle formation in the body, it takes around eight to twelve weeks. Interestingly, Ligandrol requires no PCT or other supplements to consider the impact successfully. In rare cases, if a person is suffering from symptoms of low testosterone, PCT can be added in the compound as a supplement.


A person taking Ostarine is expected to take 25-36mg a day for about 12 weeks. With Ligandrol, however, this scenario is different. A regular person only needs 3-15mg a day to develop lean body muscles. You should, however, note that an overdose can result in the excessive muscle build up.

Results after use

  • Increase in body lean muscles and strength
  • Loss in body fat after a while
  • Prevent the loss of muscles

The side effect of using Ligandrol

Ligandrol is not associated with any significant side effect though this is not to mean it has no side effect.

Andarine (S4)

Andarine is another Sarms that offer great bulking ups. The anabolic ratio of S4 is 10:1. This compound promotes rapid muscle gain while at the same time, giving a significant fat reduction in the body. Once you take Andarine, it improves the ability of the body to oxidize fatty tissue.

Andarine dosages

S4 is best taken at doses of 50-75mg in 5 days for about 12 to 16 weeks. It is advisable to divide the dosages in 25mg and ingest them in meals throughout the day.

Results after use of S4

  • Andarine causes an increase in body lean muscles and buildup of body strength.
  • After prolonged use, S4 prevent loss of body muscles.
  • Cause loss in body fat and a significant buildup of body muscles.

Andarine cycle length

A person intending to have effects of Andarine needs to take these compounds for a period of 12 to 16 weeks adhering to the right dosage so to allow it take effect.


YK-11 is a myostatin inhibitor even though it’s into lumped Sarm. Myostatin is a compound that inhibits the growth of muscles. YK-11 since it inhibits the production of myostatin cause rapid growth of body muscles. This compound has been noted to have a more anabolic effect more than dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Sarms For muscle mass


Recommended cycle length of YK-11

Once you take YK-11, it takes about 6-10 hours before you start feeling its effect. To build up body muscles significantly, you need to take YK-11 for a period of 12- 15 weeks.

The result after using and dosages

People who frequently use YK-11 have reported a significant increase in body muscles. Loss in body fats and loss in body weight. The recommended dosages of YK-11 is 10-15mg in a day from 15 weeks.


MK-667 is commonly called Ibutamoren or the Nutrobal. It is a selective androgen receptor, but in the real sense, it’s a Human Growth Hormone secretagogue. That means that this compound stimulates the pituitary gland to release HGH.

Recommended cycle length of MK-667

The feeling of MK-667 is felt 24 hours after use. To get the best out of this compound, you need to take it for 10 to 13 weeks.

Results of using MK-667 and dosages

Overdose of MK-667 leads to an increase in appetite; temporally stomach bouts are among the notable effects. The recommended dose is 20-25mg per day, which should need to be ingested in intervals.

 RAD-140 (Testolone)

If you are in the bulking or is looking for Sarms to help you in bulk, it’s quite clear that you have heard of RAD-140. RAD is a Sarms considered among the best in building large body muscles. The only absolute difference on RAD-140 when its compared to the rest is its ability to show anabolic steroid effects even on low dosages.

RAD-140 Recommended life cycle/half-life

When in need to play safe and achieve high with RAD-140, it’s advisable to take it for 8-10 weeks. Typically most people like to stack RAD-140 with other Sarms such as MK-677 and LGD-4033. The half-life of RAD-140 is in speculation. Based on research, the half-life is thoroughly 16 to 20 hours, which means once you take a single dose in a day, that is more than enough.

What are RAD-140 Results after use?

After use, the results for RAD-140 are very best. There are no other better words we can use to describe it. Once you take RAD-140, you experience a buildup of lean muscles and massive body strength. What this means is that RAD is considerably a very fantastic Sarms compound for bodybuilding that you should not fail to give a trial.

RAD-140 dosages

Finding the right dosage for RAD-140 is quite a challenge. Mainly due to the reason that Testolone is strong enough compared to others, it gives rapid results differently on people. However, the recommended dose is 10-30mg a day and should not go beyond ten weeks.

SARMs stack for cutting

If you are looking for ways to lose body fat while still maintain muscle mass, considering the use of Sarms for cutting. Sarms for cutting works best in reducing fat that accumulates around the hip, belly and on the buttocks.

With the introduction of Sarms Stacks for cutting, you got no business to starve yourself, head to the gym, or work out your body to exhaustion. All you need is to take Sarms for cutting and with the time you will feel great for that next event you intend to attend.

The following are the best Sarms for cutting;

dosage table (2)

SARM stack for bulking

The best Sarms we have for bulking are the

  • MK-667
  • YK-11
  • S4
  • RAD-140
  • and Ostarine.

SARM stacks for recomping

Body recomping refers to a reduction in body fat and gain of muscles at the same time. Typically when this act is initiated naturally, it becomes a lengthy process. A combination of Sarms stacks and proper diet, however, speeds up the process more effectively. The best Sarms which are mostly combined to achieve recomping is the S4 and the LGD-4033. These two compounds will help you put on your muscles and reduce fat around the belly more effectively.

SARMs Healing stack

Joint pains are becoming very nagging to the point that people can’t bear with it. With the right Sarms healing Stacks, the pain can be significantly reduced. The best Sarms to help achieve that is the MK-677 (Ibutamoren) and the MK-2866 (Ostarine).


Sarms have over years been in use by bodybuilders and powerlifters to building a strong body. If you feel need for a healthy body outlook, how about giving them a trial today and see the effect.