Andarine S4: The Full Picture

As the living and nutritional conditions have improved, one direct benefit is that humans have begun to live longer, fuller lives. However, that does not mean that humans are immune to disease and illness–whether it is genetic or merely something caught from touching the wrong doorknob. Genetic diseases, particularly, have caught the medical community’s attention as they have made breakthrough after breakthrough–from creating the world’s first vaccine to fighting cancer.

While creating vaccines does not have much to do with specific genetics, per se, fighting cancer–attempting to find the cure for cancer–is another story, much like other diseases, there is a genetic component. Once that component is cracked, there won’t be any more cancer. There are several genetic diseases, for instance, that can cause your muscles to waste away. Generally, these diseases are the cause behind your body developing muscle atrophy, e.g. wasting muscles.

This is usually because it is difficult, if not impossible, for you to move your body physically. There are several symptoms linked to muscle atrophy, e.g. you haven’t been active for an extended amount of time, one of your limbs is smaller than the other, and one of your limbs is weaker than the other. Generally, muscle atrophy is treated with physical therapy or medication. However, it becomes trickier when the cause is a genetic condition, not an injury or illness.

There are several conditions linked to this symptom,

However, there are alternative ways of trying to treat the symptoms to your condition, rather than just waiting to see if physical therapy or a diet change would help. Andarine S4 is a supplement that could help. What have you got to lose?

Continue reading to see if Andarine S4 is the right step for you to take.

What is Andarine S4?

Andarine S4 has several different names

Andarine Names

  • Andarine S4
  • 8
  • Andarine S-40503

S4 Molecule formula

Andarine S4 is a SARM drug that has been developed and used on a trial basis by scientists for the use of being able to treat the symptoms behind muscle wasting and treat the disease, osteoporosis. Many people who suffer from diseases that have muscle wasting as a by-product of that disease, have used Andarine S4.

What is a SARM?

SARM stands for “selective androgen receptor modulators.” SARM is a drug that is used to bind to a person’s androgen receptor–which is where most of the action happens with your body’s use of the hormone, testosterone. So of course, you can imagine that this reception center is a very useful place to send drugs to, that your body can then disperse to other receptors.

  • SARMs were first introduced to the general public in 1998, yet have not been cleared as prescription drugs yet for all people. Generally, they have been prescribed for use to help people who have diseases that cause them to have reduced muscle mass. They have not been cleared for use for everyone, as a supplement.
  • However, what makes SARMS different from other drugs that build bone and muscle mass, is that they have specific properties that not only allow them to differentiate between anabolic and androgenic activities (which helps build muscle and bone mass) but also improve the user avoid many side effects that steroid users would usually suffer.
  • In its testing, Andarine showed early promise, as it showed a significant effect on building up your bones and muscles. Originally, Andarine was one of the first drugs on the market to have these kinds of results, however, due to some side effects (that will be mentioned later), further development of this drug has not continued.

Andarine S4 is one of many SARM classified drugs that you could take to help with your wasting muscles, particularly if you have tried everything else.

How Does Andarine S4 Work?

Specifically, Andarine S4 is part of a category of SARM drugs that became more popular because it is specifically androgen receptor-specific, it could avoid a lot of side effects that a consumer would suffer if it were anabolic receptor specific. Andarine S4 works explicitly to mimic the activity of the hormone testosterone (due to its specificity to androgenic receptors). The mimicry of the testosterone hormone has a more significant effect on bones and muscle mass (as opposed to a person’s reproductive organs), and so this is a popular choice because there are fewer side effects.

  • Specifically, Andarine S4 binds itself directly to the consumer’s androgen receptors, which is how the drug itself is dispersed through the body. This helps the average person increase their lean muscle mass, as well as their overall strength.
  • Many people use Andarine S4 to regain muscle mass, particularly when they suffer from any number of muscle wasting diseases.

What are the benefits of using Andarine S4?

The obvious main benefits of using Andarine S4 are that you will gain muscle mass. Whether you are trying to look good or improve the contours of your body, or are trying to improve the quality of your life–there are several benefits to using Andarine S4. Again, its primary use is to build muscle mass. However, it does so without several of the side effects (like prostate enlargement) that you would get with other drugs. It also works very fast, with most users reporting a difference in muscle tone within two weeks after they start using the supplement.

  • Also, it is beneficial because it is a “clean compound,” e.g., when you take this drug, you will not become bloated because you’ve retained water–unlike other supplements you could take.


  • fast working
  • builds muscle tone
  • clean compound,
  • no fillers,
  • no unnecessary bloating or water retention

What are the side effects you are at risk for when you take Andarine S4?

Any substance you put into your body has the potential to make its presence known in unpleasant ways. That is a risk we must all take when we decide to swallow something. Andarine S4 is not an FDA approved drug–however, it has been approved for supplemental use. This supplement, like any other supplement or drug that people can buy and take, has side effects. However, the great thing about Andarine S4 is that there aren’t as many side effects like other supplements that perform the same function as Andarine.

  • Generally, when someone takes a supplement that is supposed to aid them in muscle building, they experience several side effects, mainly because they are taking anabolic supplements. Andarine, however, as a SARM, is much more selective.
  • So people who use Andarine S4 will not suffer from acne, hair loss, breast enlargement, higher levels of testosterone in women, and higher blood pressure. You also avoid liver damage, rapid hair growth, and unusual menstrual cycles, by taking Andarine S4 because the supplement does not affect your reproductive system.
  • Andarine has not been approved for use by the FDA, and has not been developed any further so some side effects could be unknown, but also could not know the possibility of how bad they could get.
  • Pay attention to your body’s reaction to this supplement, particularly if you feel something is “off,” even after reading about the side effects. If anything, you could switch to a lower dosage of the supplement and see if that helps with the side effects you are experiencing.
  • One of the first side effects, which occurs because of how the drug works (binding itself to the androgen receptors that regulate the hormone testosterone), is that your testosterone levels can be slightly lowered. This doesn’t occur for everyone, according to some reviews, but it should be noted for full disclosure.
  • The next side effect that is a bit more common is the yellowing of your vision. Thankfully, this side effect seems to be “harmless” (as much as any side effect that changes your vision can be), and it will go away once you stop taking Andarine S4 and your body cycles through the rest of the supplement.
  • This side effect occurs because the drug binds to the receptors in your eyes. If this happens while you are taking this product, you should not drive until you can figure out your limitations. For some, they get this side effect when they take higher dosages of the supplement; that might be something you want to experiment with.

Some users have also reported suffering from depression while taking this drug, so that should also be a concern–no matter how unlikely you think it is.

Main Side Effects:

  • yellow tint to vision
  • changed levels of hormones, particularly the lowering of testosterone
  • depression

What Dosage of Andarine S4 Should You Use?

Because Andarine S4 was not developed sufficiently as an FDA approved the drug, there is a lot of gray areas when it comes to using the supplement. There were never any full, clinical trials completed to test the drug to see what dosage worked best for the average person (or even identifying the average consumer and target market of the supplement), so you will have to a) go with what people who have experimented with the supplement say, and b) listen to your own body. No one knows your body better than you and knows how your body functions and response on an everyday basis is needed for the safe use of this supplement.

  • The majority of information for the dosages of Andarine S4 comes from bodybuilders who have used Andarine S4 to bulk up or cut while consuming fewer calories than normal.
  • The first thing you should know is that the half-life, or time that a single dose of Andarine S4 remains in your body, is around four to six hours. That means within four to six hours of taking a dose of Andarine S4, you should be able to be tested for it and your bloodwork come back clean of the supplement. This also means that you will have to take multiple dosages a day if you want it to work.
  • The majority of people take three dosages a day, generally corresponding with their (three) mealtimes. These dosages are usually between 50 and 75 mg, per dose. Recently, some users have recommended that you should lower the dosage to 25 to 50 mg per dose. The lower your dosage is, the smaller your risk is in regards to experiencing the side effects.

Be careful! Because Andarine S4 is not FDA regulated, there are a lot of fake products out there that contain other ingredients, e.g. fillers. Be sure to check the product label to see what you are consuming.

  • Some users recommend that you do not exceed a dosage of 50 mg. They also recommend that you slowly build your way up from a 25 mg dosage, up to a 50 mg dosage. Remember, the higher the dosage, the more at risk you are for experiencing and perhaps even worsening the side effects.
  • Generally, most people use Andarine for 8 weeks. Any longer than that, then you will start to go into a gray area of side effects that most have not experienced. So this is a short term product that your body will need a break from.

Common Dosages:

  • 50 to 75 mg, three times a day
  • 25 to 50 mg, three times a day

S4 Dosage Calculator

What is “stacking”? How can I “stack” SARMs together?

“Stacking” is a term that is used to describe the act of using Andarine S4 with another supplement to maximize its benefits to your body. Perhaps you want to bulk up your muscles quickly or attempt to “get more bang for your buck” while treating your muscle wasting disease–stacking can help.

  • You can stack Andarine S4 with several different supplements, however, in this article we are going to focus on two–ostarine and cardorine.
  • Stacking Andarine S4 and Ostarine is very popular. Ostarine is another SARM whose primary focus is to build muscle and bone–same as Andarine. And also like Andarine, it affects your testosterone levels. Separate from Andarine, Ostarine improves your heart health, and can also lower your body’s insulin resistance.
  • Ostarine has a half-life of twenty-four hours, so luckily you only need to take it once a day to get its full effects. People who stack Andarine and Ostarine together, usually take about 25 to 50 mg of Ostarine.

Ostarine Dosage while stacked with Andarine S4

15 to 25 mg, once a day

  • The next most popular stacking method is Andarine S4 and Cardarine. This method is slightly more popular, especially with bodybuilders because it is said not to have any side effects–Cardarine, that is. This supplement was initially developed as a way to prevent tumors from forming in your organs, particularly your breast tissue, prostate, and colon.
  • Cardarine is generally used in conjunction with Andarine as it helps you burn off fat more comfortable and quicker, as well as cuts down recovery time, and improves your endurance. This is an excellent compliment to Andarine, as it could potentially help your body naturally mitigate some of Andrine’s side effects. The dosage used by most users is usually 10 to 20 mg per day.

Cardarine Dosage while stacked with Andarine S4

10 to 20 mg, per day

  • Like with any supplement or drug you put into your body, there are always side effects. That is a given. There are side effects we do know about any side effects we don’t know about. Be careful. Go slow with your dosages and take the time to learn what works best for you and your needs.

Andarine S4 Brands

Within the United States, you will not find Andarine S4 as a branded supplement, because it was never developed for FDA testing. However, worldwide, Andarine S4 is available over the internet. There is only one company that sells Andarine S4 online, that also provides proof that they have had their product tested by a third party lab.


Many users of Andarine S4 have written about their results while using this product–mainly bodybuilders. Whether you suffer from a wasting muscle disease or are simply a bodybuilder seeking to bulk up–the following reviews show exciting results from those who are seeking to build muscle, no matter the cause.

Here are some reviews from real users:

  1. “Lost 2% of body fat in a month. The best part: I lost no weight. I gained a very respectable amount of muscle. Very thick, dense muscle. Increased vascularity. As for my training, strength increased on all major lifts. The other very noticeable increase was the amount of volume I could handle. And I never felt beat up the next day, just a bit more, like I had done a good job. It was awesome. I will admit I did feel more sensitive to bright light. Sides went away immediately after I stopped using and during off days. This will only be an issue if you are dosing every day at like 75mg or more.”
  2. “This SARM did exactly what it was supposed to do. I ran 50mg for 6 weeks and lost 7 pounds of fat whilst gaining a small amount of lean muscle mass. I was also much more vascular whilst researching with S4. I did experience some side effects, but they went away once I was done with my cycle.”
  3. “Andarine made me put on roughly 8lbs of lean muscle mass, and it’s a great SARM compared to others. I was in a caloric surplus, and 50mg was more than plenty.”
  4. “I have experimented with Andarine a while back. My cycle started at 25mg a day, which I then upped to 50mg after two weeks. Immediately I started noticing the effects such as increased vascularity and strength. My cycle ended up lasting roughly 8 weeks, and I gained about 6-7lbs of lean muscle mass, which is very impressive — experienced no suppression, just a yellow tint to my vision which went away once I was done. Comparing it to other SARMs I have used I’d say it’s one of the stronger ones. However, it isn’t as strong as Testolone. You don’t need to experiment with a high dosage, mainly because it is very potent.”


Sometimes people have tried everything they can–and it’s still not enough. For those who have wasting muscles as the by-product or symptom of a disease, using a product like Andarine S4 could help improve their quality of life. In this, the product is worthy of at least a second look. Andarine S4 is a product that works–there’s no denying that. However, like any supplement or substance that you put into your body, there are side effects that you should be aware of. Only you can decide what is correct and safe to put into your body, so while you have that right, you should also be mindful of what you are consuming.

Read the labels. Whenever you buy, make sure that you are purchasing pure Andarine–ask if the company has a verified third-party lab test done on their products. Unfortunately, Andarine S4 is relatively hard to find because it never was brought to the clinical trial level for the FDA to test, but there are ways to find it online. Just like with any substance–do your research. Know what you are putting into your body, and pay attention to how your body reacts and behaves while you are using it. Is the resulting range of function or increased muscle mass worth the dosage you have to take multiple times a day to reap the benefit of?

Andarine S4 isn’t for everyone, but it could be for you.