Have you been out looking for the most potent and most effective painkillers in the market? Then, you probably have heard about both the Kratom and Akuamma seeds. If not, you have not done enough research. However, if you have, you must be torn apart between which of the two seeds to select.

Most of the sources on the internet pitting the two different seeds together provide their scientific views on which they think is best between the two. It can get confusing following all the various sources.

However, for you to make an appropriate decision, it is rather important to understand these two seeds in details. Let us break it down for you.

Akuamma Seed or Kratom Seed?

So, what has brought about the comparison between these two different seeds? Research has shown that the compounds that make up the seeds have similar properties. They both contain alkaloids. Allow us to explain this further.

Akuamma-Seeds effects

The Akuamma Seeds

For you to ingest the seeds, you have to grind them into a powder like a form that is easily ingestible. The Akuamma seeds contain two major alkaloid groups; akuammine and Pericine.

The Akuammine group consists of

1. Akuammidine

  • Contains a structure that is similar to the mitragynine an alkaloid in the Kratom. It as painkilling qualities that are three times stronger than codeine

2. Akuammine

  • Akuammine provides the seeds with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities. Also, it can induce an increase in blood pressure.

3. Akuammicine

4. Pseudoakuammigine

This alkaloid has various pain relief qualities. It also helps in controlling the nervous system. It as well assists muscles to contract easily.

5. Akuammigine

  • Akuammigine helps in the treatment of anxiety and hypertensive patients.

Not only that, but it also helps to control the body’s reaction to the withdrawal of opiates. It is due to its ability to attract to opioid receptors causing an agonist reaction.

Pericine, on the other hand, is said to be stronger than Codeine. Research has revealed that it can help in alleviating seizures that come as a withdrawal symptom of opiates.

Due to their analgesic properties, the Akuamma seeds work as a pain reliever for infections such as lupus, arthritis, migraines, and fibromyalgia. It is well trusted since it works very fast, a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes, and leaves no withdrawal symptoms after use. The number of athletes using it has been on the rise as it helps relieve their sore muscles.

Additionally, a soothing and calming effect has been known to follow soon after ingesting Akuamma. Some users taking the drug use the word, “relaxing” to describe the overall experience of the drug.

The Akuammine in the Akuamma seed is of vital importance to Malaria therapy. On top of that, research has also revealed that Akuamma is potent to some parasites. One of the parasites is Trypanosoma, which causes sleeping sickness and Chagas disease.

The Kratom Seeds

On the other hand, the Kratom seeds contain an alkaloid known as the Mitragynine. The Mitragynine helps to provide the same effects as codeine and morphine; relieve pain. Kratom is the best option when it comes to reducing chronic pain that comes with illnesses such as arthritis, osteoporosis and many others.

Additionally, it has alkaloids that can stimulate and boost the immune system. The overall impact of this aspect is the immune system is reinforced to be able to combat and deal with diseases such as cold, flu and fever.

Moreover, memory enhancement is an added advantage that comes with using the Kratom. Kratom affects the brain by reducing the unnecessary chatter and helping you focus. Since it is an herb, the effects are somewhat temporary; unlike synthetic medicine whose results are rather severe and permanent.

Kratom Seeds Effects

Not only does it attend to the pain, but it also works as a stimulant inducing a euphoric feeling on patients with depression. It also attracts opiate receptors and function as an agonist.

Kratom has been of benefit to many people suffering from post-withdrawal symptoms of hard and dangerous drugs. It helps to relieve their effects while helping to completely get rid of them and get the body back to normal.

Even with all the benefits under Kratom’s name, some side effects can arise with the constant use of the Herb. The good thing is they are minor and manageable.

These include;

  • itchiness,
  • blushing,
  • excessive sweating,
  • Nausea,
  • dizziness and tremors,
  • and jitters.

Some users have indicated that these symptoms last only for a few hours before they disappear.

Both Kratom and Akuamma can do the same functions. However, Akuamma is slightly milder than Kratom. Kratom’s potency is as a result of the 1,500 different types of alkaloids it contains all the same, the effects achieved by the Akuamma last longer than those by Kratom.

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Similarities and Differences

You can feel the effects of the Akuamma seeds for a much longer time than those brought about by the Kratom seeds. It makes a good reason why some people prefer the Akuamma seeds over the Kratom seeds.

Additionally, the availability of the seeds also provides a significant difference. The kratom has a variety of different strains in which some of them may not be readily available. What is more, some countries have banned the use of Kratom. On the contrary, Akuamma seeds are not divided into strains and are readily available.

The biggest problem Akuamma seeds have is their horrible taste that far surpasses that of the Kratom seeds. It is advisable to ingest it with a juice accompaniment so that you can drown the terrible taste.

Altogether, the chemical composition of these two seeds may be different. However, they perform the same functions. Their differences are minor. Either of them can get you to the results you are looking to achieve. However, they are not magic seeds; you need to have patience and consistency to see results. It would be advisable to try either one of them and find the best one for you.