Kratom happens to be a very new herb in Europe and the US but has been used as painkiller, recreational and anti-diarrheal medicine mainly in southern Asia for the past couple of years. The name Kratom comes from a tree in which its leaf is used in the production of the herb.

The herb usually is bought in the form of a leaf, but it is more likely to get it in the form of a capsule filled with a chopped up a leaf or powdered material leaf which can either be smoked or used for making tea here in the US and some people prefer to ingest the herb. It effects is quickly noticed, and it lasts for 5 hours or 7 at the most if the dose isn’t so high. However, a higher dose can last way longer than that.

Kratom is usually promoted as an undetected, legal and safe herb is often used to overpower stronger herbs. It is legal in the United States, but when broken down, it can be detected by doing some herb tests.


Legislators Can’t Keep Up

There has been a series of calls to the poison control spots in the US and kratom has sent quite some people to the emergency room. The greatest of kratom’s side effects have been seen in Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar where it is used heavily. It is illegal in some countries, Thailand for example. Thirteen thousand people were arrested for kratom related offenses, and that is 5% of the country’s herb related crimes.

Kratom is usually abused because of its stimulating and seductive effects. When used at low dosage is becomes stimulant and makes the person more talkative, energetic and sociable, but it creates euphoria and lethargy at the higher dosage.

Type kratom

  • Bali Red vein: it is one of the best kratom considered fit for beginners. It is useful for promoting relaxation and eliminating stress.
  • Thai red vein: very similar to Bali leaf but it is slight sedating, known to last longer and more uplifting.
  • Thai green vein: this is known to be very stimulating than the red, it doesn’t cause over-excitement, jilter or anxiety. It is very great for focus and stamina.
  • Green Malay Kratom: it is said to be euphoric, can make you more productive and motivated. It is usually used for producing power and treats depression.
  • White Vein Borneo: it is stimulating in low doses, provides alertness, energy, and mental clarity. It often improves awareness, susceptibility to fatigue and concentration
  • Maeng da white vein: this is said to be the most potent strain of kratom. It generates cerebral energy and gives a sense of higher consciousness.

Effects of Kratom

The herb was brought to the US around 2012 and it is very easy to order online at various smoke shops, convenient stores, head shops gas stations and pretty much anywhere you can find related herbs. Its side effect includes the following:


when used in small quantity, kratom is very energizing, just like a cup of tea with caffeine or coffee. The produced energy is not associated with an increase in heart rate or restlessness. It is said to be like a cerebral energy that makes you feel like your mind is clearer, you have a balanced sense of vitality and vigor and you experience a deeper focus.


Kratom is reported to be cognitive in state and usually uplifts people’s mood. Another effect of kratom is that it makes you feel a deeper sense of well-being contentment and contentment. A single dose a day will rid you of negative thoughts and put you in a state of optimistic mindset, and you see everything as possible. But in large concentrations, it creates a high euphoric feeling which is as a result of mitragynine alkaloid present.

Concentration enhancement:

kratom can also act as a focus booster. The green and white strains of kratom effective for making the brain fog focus by simply making you concentrate all mental energy on the present. Some student said it makes them feel attractive in class, husbands said it makes them more attentive when listening to their wives, some said it makes the thought clearer and makes concentration easy when engaging or studying difficult and mental work

Potent Relaxant:

A larger dose of kratom produces anxiolytic or sedative effects and it supports a positive mood. It also rids your mind of stress and thoughts and helps you calm down. It can either eliminate or reduce nervous feelings and help release physical and mental tension.


Some elements present in kratom are very effective against harsh painkiller. Kratom activates mu-opioid which relieves chronic or temporary pain. It is said to work for conditions such as arthritic pain, headaches muscle pains, vascular pains and even chronic pains that other herbs may not relive. Kratom is also safer and less addictive compared to some of the herbs prescribed by doctors.

Aid’s sleep:

Is regarded as one of the best herb or herb for improving sleep quality. It can shut off one’s mind before going to bed and can easily put you into a restful state to easily fall asleep. Some even said it aids their dreams and they always wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Sexual enhancer:

There a review that says kratom extracts as aphrodisiacs and enhances sexual performance. Another element (ethnobotanical) usually enhances arousal sensation and enables you to last longer during sex. It is a form of sexual excitant for men and even women. Just one 1 gram of kratom can boost your libido for as long as 12 hours.

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Promotes Health:

Kratom has been used as a medical herb in southern Asia for over a century. It has a powerful antioxidant that has been known to reduce neuron effects following a stroke dramatically.