Most of you who use or want to start using Kratom wonder what is the best way to use Kratom. There are a lot of ways that it can be used. In this article, we will present you with the best, most popular and most effective ways to use it. Here are the three most popular methods to use it:


One of the most popular forms of using Kratom; Many users prefer capsules over powder or liquid due to many reasons, like comfort in taking, as you can carry your capsules with you and take them whenever you like, also capsules do not taste as bad as the powder or leaf itself. So due to many reasons, including the earlier mentioned, Kratom capsules came out to be a very popular method of using powder and have their pros and cons. Also, they are quite cheap to buy and, if you want and have time, you can make your own to avoid extra costs.


Why capsules?

There are many reasons to name for you to prefer capsules from powder, or liquid. For starters the pros and cons of this method are:


⦁ No preparation time
⦁ No mess and expensive ingredients to prepare like OPMS liquid kratom solutions, tinctures, etc.
⦁ No need to measure kratom doses if you are buying it
⦁ You can take it with you and enjoy the leaf everywhere you go
⦁ Encapsulation slows down the rate at which the contents oxidize(which can lead to a decrease of potency) which makes them more potent
⦁ Do not cost too much money
⦁ No bitter powder or leaf taste


⦁ Capsules can be quite cheap (some strains which are sold by some vendors), but they can also be costly (60-80$ per pack for some strains)
⦁ Extra 15-30 minutes for the onset of effects, as it takes some time to digest the capsule and for the ingredients to reach the bloodstream and all these because gelatin (the material they made the capsules from) can take some time to digest and release the powder.
⦁ Some say that Kratom microparticles are trapped in the gelatin sheath, a fact which makes it less potent, although there is no evidence proving such statement.

Kratom Tea

There are as many ways to use Kratom as one can think of, but making a tea out of it is probably the most enjoyable of all! Imagine you get home from an exhausting day at work, prepare a nice hot cup of Kratom tea, sit down and enjoy your tea and the relaxing effects the teas alkaloids can offer you while watching the sunset! Sounds great.

Well, there are a lot of benefits you can receive drinking Kratom tea:

⦁ It is quite easy to make
⦁ You can reduce the bitter taste by adding sugar or sweet syrups
⦁ It is an enjoyable procedure
⦁ It offers you great effects as the alkaloids are released into the hot water

Resin (“Kratom pie”)

There are many ways to make your Kratom, but the easiest and reliable is to create a resin extract. This is the most popular way to make your Kratom even stronger; in fact, the other advantage is it is the easiest and cheapest way to cook than water-based extract.

Yes, you can get it from different merchants, but the best thing about it you can make it yourself easily even being a cub, to ensure the quality and to save yourself from bearing extra expenditures.

The mixture that you will make will look like something between a chocolate bar and chocolate pudding. It contains the optimum level of alkaloids and plant oils, which can make you more experienced due to its active ingredients which are highly concentrated. It has its pros and cons mentioned below:


The extract that you will make is the best because it contains maximum possible amount to alkaloids and plant oils, the other thing is it is helpful to make you more experienced and tactful in one kind due to its active ingredients:

  • Not difficult to make.
  • Not expensive.
  • Better and more effective than water-based extract.
  • Not difficult to measure.

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  • It can give you more severe side-effects because of its high concentration
  • The plain powder gives you fewer chances towards Kratom tolerance.